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Non surgical rhinoplasty

How long will it last and are there any complications?

Non-surgical nose filler is only a temporary answer, The results of a non-surgical nose job usually last for up to a year after the initial procedure. If you are looking for a permanent solution, a traditional rhinoplasty may be better for you.
As with all facial aesthetics, you may experience some mild side effects. A non-surgical nose job can lead to slight swelling, temporary redness, bruising and tenderness. You may also experience some bleeding at the injection site. Although these side effects are common, not everyone will experience them and you may only have one. They also do not usually last very long. After a few hours, they may disappear, but it can also take up to 48 hours.
One of the main reasons individuals choose this filler treatment is due to its minimal recovery time and the minimal discomfort involved. Your side effects should not stop you from continuing to complete normal tasks. For example, some individuals feel comfortable going straight back to work after having the procedure, while others prefer to rest due to experiencing side effects.